What Does a House Cleaner Do?

What Does a House Cleaner Do?

If you have decided to hire a professional to clean your home, what can you expect.

– You should ask for a list of references

– What types of chemicals will be used?

– How long can it take to clean your home?

A professional cleaner is going to charge you an hourly rate, but the time needed varies depending on when they are scheduled and how dirty you need them to go. For instance, if someone needs their house cleaned after throwing a party with 20 people in attendance then there’s going to be more work than usual involved in cleaning up that mess. On average, expect at least two hours or four hours maximum. A good rule of thumb is about $25 per hour; however some cleaners might offer a flat fee instead (which can end up being cheaper).

A good question that you should ask your potential cleaning service is what kind of cleaning services they offer. Most cleaners will have different rates depending on whether it’s just interior work, exterior work, business office cleans (if applicable), etc. The more specific the request on their end will save time and money as well because then there won’t need to be any guessing involved when estimating how much labor would cost. If you want something specific like a deep clean of your ovens, or carpet cleaning, windows etc

General Cleaning

  • Bathroom tiles are cleaned and disinfected
  • Cleaners dust commonly-used areas
  • Bathroom baseboards are wiped clean
  • Kitchen floors are vacuumed and mopped
  • Cleaners wipe the outside of range hood
  • Chairs and tables are wiped clean
  • Outside of microwave wiped down
  • General dusting of the kitchen area
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Windowsills are wiped down
  • Cleaners dust picture frames

Spring Cleaning

  • Inside of oven and range hood cleaned
  • Cleaners cut through grime buildup behind kitchen appliances
  • Full dusting of all corners including hard to reach areas
  • Removal of scale from shower heads, kitchen tiles, and bathroom tiles.
  • Doors are spot cleaned to remove fingerprints
  • Lamp shades wiped down
  • Upholstery and furniture vacuumed
  • The area under the sink is cleaned thoroughly
  • Washing all blinds
  • Intricate items are dusted
  • Front of cabinets are hand wiped
  • Carpet edges vacuumed


A House Cleaning Professional is Not

A carpenter, and landscaper,

A home inspector

An upholsterer

A plumber

What a House Cleaning Professional is Not: A carpenter, and landscaper. A home inspector. An upholsterer. A plumber. What Does a House Cleaner Do? Inside of oven and range hood cleaned Full dusting of all corners including hard to reach areas Removing scale from shower heads, kitchen tiles, and bathroom tiles Doors are spot-cleaned to remove fingerprints Lamp shades wiped down Upholstery vacuumed Area under sink thoroughly washed Washing all blinds Intricate items dusted Front cabinets hand wipes Carpet edges vacuumed

They Do Not

Run errands, Pick up grandpa from the doctor,

– Cook dinner for your family.

Every week I spend about two hours getting my house clean and organized so that it is a calm oasis for myself and my kids when we come home from school or work. I love to use fragrant candles, herbs, flowers in bowls on countertops to make our house smell fresh and inviting. Sometimes I like to leave little hand written notes with quotes on them around the house reminding us how lucky we are together as a family.”

A Typical Client

A typical house cleaning client is a young professional couple with a busy schedule. They don’t have the time or energy to keep up with their housekeeping and need help getting it done in between other obligations.

A typical client may include:

-Young professionals who are too tired from work to do much at home after hours on end, but still want a clean place to call theirs.

-Working parents of young children who rely on outside support for childcare so they can sometimes spend quality time together without worrying about cleaning duties later that night.

-Empty nesters who find themselves doing more than just making ends meet – now also taking care of empty bedrooms as well! And finally those seniors whose health is no longer what it was even 20 years ago when there were fewer demands.


If you find your schedule is to tight and you need a cleaning professional to help, then you should call us! We are happy to help.

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