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House Cleaning Service In Grand Rapids

We know how frustrating it can be to find a house cleaner in Grand Rapids and would love for you to consider us as your next service provider in the area. Our residential cleaning services provide a deep cleaning to your home or office. Yes we also do office cleaning as well, our cleaning technicians are fully trained as soon as they start.

We provide our own cleaning supplies and our cleaning products are earth friendly. We can provide a deep house cleaning with the peace of mind knowing that we use earth friendly products.


For over a decade, we’ve been providing extraordinary cleaning services.


We are the best cleaning company in the Grand Rapids Area. We have been providing exceptional cleaning services to our clients since 2001. Our cleaners are well trained and experienced, which is why we can guarantee that your home or office will be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.

Our professional cleaners are always available to help you with any kind of cleaning job, whether it’s domestic or commercial. We offer a discount for first time cleaning as well.



Professional Cleaning That Leaves You Stress-Free

When shopping for a cleaning business or cleaning people. We want you to have peace of mind in knowing you hired the right folks to do the job for you the first time. So when your search begins for a cleaning & organizing services company, please consider us for your needs.

From Basic cleaning to a cost of house cleaning that will make you smile. We have the best rates in town. We also offer regular cleaning as well as an array of cleaning services. From weekly to Biweekly house cleaning.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We treat your home like our own. If you’re ever unhappy with an area we’ve cleaned, please let us know so we can come back and clean it again. Our cleaning crews do get a background check as well before starting with us. We offer quality home cleaning services, even down to cleaning kitchen appliances and light switch to give it that extra touch.

A clean house starts with you making a call to get on our schedule, and get our premium cleaning service today!

House Cleaning Service In Grand Rapids
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